Tips for caring for your 18k Pip Pop Post gold-plated earrings

Tips for caring for your 18k Gold Pip Pop Post gold-plated Earrings

  1. After water sports or when your earrings come into contact withcosmetics, perfumes, and rinse with water and allow to dry completely. 

  2. Clean your Pip Pop Post earrings regularly using a soft cloth to remove any dirt or oils that may have accumulated. Avoid using any abrasive materials, such as toothbrushes, as they may scratch the plating.

  3. If you need to clean your Pip Pop Post earrings, use a solution of warm water and a mild soap. Soak the earrings for a few minutes, then gently wipe them with a soft cloth. Rinse them thoroughly and let them air-dry completely.

By following these tips, you can keep your gold-plated Pip Pop Post earrings looking beautiful for years to come.

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