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Florals, Bold Colors, and Comfort. The Latest in Kid Girls Fashion & Accessories: Top 3 Trends to Watch in 2024.

As we welcome the new year, the world of kid's fashion is also gearing up for new trends and styles. This year, designers are taking a fresh approach to children's fashion, giving parents a variety of trendy options for their little girls. From cute to cool, 2024 has something for every style preference.

  1. Bold Colors: Vibrant hues are making a statement in kid's fashion this year. Expect to see bright pinks, yellows, and purples in a variety of styles. From pastel shades to electric hues, these bold colors are sure to make your little girl stand out. Try our fun enamel & 18k gold earring styles that will compliment her style!

  2. Floral Prints: Floral prints are a staple in kids' fashion, and they are back in full bloom this year. From dainty prints to bold blooms, these prints are a perfect way to add some femininity to your little girl's wardrobe. Pair your prints with pip Pop Post flower earring for a look that will be a hit! 

  3. Athleisure: Comfort is key in 2024; and athleisure is the perfect way to combine style and comfort. Tracksuits, leggings, and sneakers are a great way to create an easy-going and stylish look for your little girl. Complete the look and stay comfortable with any of our Pip Pop Post styles with flat screw on backs that are comfortable 24/7.

    These are just a few of the many trends that are shaping the world of kid's fashion in 2024. No matter what style you prefer, there is something for everyone in one of our Pip Pop Post collections. So, go ahead and let your little girl show off her personality and sense of style with these trends & add a pop with her Pip Pop Post earrings. 

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