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Mom’s Guide: Why Butterfly backs are NOT safe.

Mom’s Guide: Why Butterfly backs are NOT safe.

Hey there Pip Pop crew!

Today, we're diving into the world of earring backs, specifically the very common butterfly backs, and why you might want to reconsider using them.

🚫 Circulation Troubles and Irritation:
Ever noticed that tight feeling when you wear earrings with butterfly backs? Turns out, that snug fit can mess with your ear's circulation, slowing down the healing process and causing irritation. No one wants that uncomfortable itch, right?

🚫 Earrings Gone Rogue:
Picture this: your skin growing over the butterfly back, trapping the earring inside your lobe. Ouch, right? This not only requires a visit to the doctor but can also be pretty traumatic. Let’s spare ourselves the pain, shall we?

🚫 Poking and Keloids:
Standard post lengths can be a real pain in the neck – quite literally! They poke and prod, causing injuries and, in some cases, keloids (those pesky bumps on your neck). Who knew earrings could be so troublesome?

🚫 Lost Earrings Woes:
Butterfly backs might be less secure than you think, leading to more lost earrings. We all know the sinking feeling of realizing an earring is missing. Let’s avoid that heartbreak!

🚫 Germ Havens:
And here’s the real kicker – butterfly backs have cracks and spaces that are perfect hiding spots for germs. Result? Infections galore! Nobody wants an infected ear – it's not a fashion statement anyone aims for.

But fear not! Pip Pop Flat Screw Backs to the rescueOur earring backs are the superheroes of the earring world, ensuring your ears stay healthy and happy.

With flat screw backs, you can bid farewell to circulation problems, embedded earrings, poking, lost treasures, and nasty infections. They provide a snug and secure fit without compromising your comfort or style. Plus, no more frantic searches for lost earrings – now that's a win!

The lowdown on why butterfly backs are a big no-no for your ears. Embrace the flat screw backs, and let your ears flaunt their bling without any worries. Here's to happy, healthy, and stylish ears! 🎉✨

Stay fabulous,
Janelle + Sydney
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